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One of today’s leading companies in the Bordeaux wine sector, Lucien Lurton & Fils was set up by Lucien Lurton and his children in 1993. The business took the name La Passion des Terroirs in 1999 to mirror its strong attachment to terroir and the passion of a whole family for vines and wine throughout its history and to become a fullyfledged Bordeaux wine merchant. The company is now among the top 10 négociant houses in the Bordeaux market, distributing wines from all the appellations of the Bordeaux region. 


Located at Cantenac, in the heart of the Margaux appellation, La Passion des Terroirs’ logistics facility offers the great flexibility and reactivity necessary to meet our clients’ needs. Purpose-built for the storage and packaging of our wines and the preparation of shipments, this 5,000 m² semi-subterranean facility enables the storage of around 3 million bottles in optimal conditions.


CHATEAU HAUT BERTINERIE (Blaye, Cotes De Bordeaux) has remained in the same family for almost two centuries. The renovation of the estate, first begun when Daniel BANTEGNIES took over in 1961, is today pursued by his two sons, Eric and Frantz, who are both qualified viticulturalists and oenologists. The renown of this wine estate has been achieved through a successful blend of innovation, tradition, and experience.


True to this spirit, the estate has been growing "lyre" trained vines since 1987, working closely with the National Agronomic Research Institute, which created and developed this vine-training technique with the aim of producing grapes which are richer in tannins and have greater finesse, the essential characteristics of great red wines.

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