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Small town in the Abruzzi region which guards important treasures and traditions, Zaccagnini company has been established in 1978. Starting from a family run business, the Winery has grown rapidly and steadily with the goal of “absolute quality, from cluster to glass”, reaching the current condition of an international reality with more than 150 hectares of beautiful vineyards, well-kept and monitored at every production stage.


Excellence, passion and devotion to job have made Tralcetto’s wines the pride of Abruzzi’s wine production appreciated all over the world.

For this adventure I've chosen Puglia, a region blessed by God for the wonders nature offers, and I've chosen Manduria, in the province of Taranto, very near the Ionian sea, because my friend Riccardo Cotarella, internationally renown enologist who accompanies me with his extraordinary sensitivity, has decided to share his bet with me, that of making a great Primitivo. A deep and drinkable wine, apparently austere, but with a recognizable base of liveliness.


A wine suitable for an important dinner but also for a carefree evening with friends. This is why we have chosen the vineyards within the most naturally predisposed area of Manduria in the “Creta” district where the terrain, originally from flood waters, and a favorable micro-climate, guarantee excellent results from 15 year old vines.

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