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The Bruce Jack wines reflect the culmination of the lessons I am still learning over a 25-year adventure in the wine industry. Along the way, I discovered that ultimately, when all is said and done, a consumer’s satisfaction with a wine is governed by a single thing: value. It doesn’t matter if you are tasting a famed, last-bottle vintage of some famous Burgundian vineyard or searching out an everyday tipple on the supermarket shelves – your appreciation of the drinking experience is either thrilling or disappointing, and that is determined by your perception of that wine’s value.

The Bruce Jack brand believes that value is the master of all wine experiences. And it is our obsessive mission to build a global brand around giving consumers just that – a thrilling experience, time and time again.


In tribute to the celebrated terroir of the historical Stellenbosch wine region, L’Avenir focuses on producing elegant wines which showcase their unique setting. 


We focus on the 2 varietals which form the foundation stone of the South African wine industry – tipping our hat to the heritage of Chenin Blanc while embracing the innovation inherent in Pinotage.

Despite L’Avenir Estate only having been established in 1992, our soils have been under vine since the beginning of the Stellenbosch wine region. The majority of our vineyards have reached full maturity, resulting in naturally limited yields of the highest quality grapes. We keep our focus on the vineyards, in order to produce premium quality grapes.

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